How the HCG Diet Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Detroit Michigan HCG Diet Plans are Individualized to Each Individual’s Weight Loss Needs

Detroit MI HCG Diet InjectionsMany people in the Detroit Tri-County area have turned to diet and exercise programs looking to lose weight and get in shape. Even when they are able to achieve some success and lose some weight, most people are discouraged by the slow results and eventually give counting calories, eating healthy and exercising. Some may think that it is them who have failed over and over, few consider it was the diet that failed them.
The HCG Diet is on the cutting edge of medical weight loss programs, offering a safe and natural alternative with proven results in both men and women. Combining daily HCG hormone supplementation with a healthy low calorie diet designed for your body’s unique needs, Detroit HCG Doctors are able to effect weight loss results as great as one pound of fat per day!

Simply working out or eating a low calorie diet cannot compare to the target weight loss results possible with the HCG Diet. Often people attempt to reduce their daily caloric intake thinking this will help them lose weight. If the body does not receive the proper amount of calories and proteins each day, it will begin to break down muscle mass for the energy needed to get through the day. This is why so many diets leave the dieter feeling tired, weak, and often in a constant state of hunger. The HCG Diet is different, the HCG hormones work with the metabolism and targets fat stores to supplement the body’s daily energy needs. This often results in fat loss from stubborn areas where it is stored, including the thighs, under arms, stomach and hips.

Preserving muscle mass and burning body fat for energy leaves patients on the HCG Diet with the proper nutrition and energy levels to accomplish normal daily activities without the side effects of hunger or exhaustion. Taking a totally new approach to weight loss, Doctors in your area of Detroit and the Tri-County area are helping men and women lose weight with the HCG Diet.

The Best Diet You May Have Never Heard Of

When people hear that they can lose weight quickly with a customized diet supervised by a medical professional, they want to know “What is the HCG Diet?” HCG, which is the abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body. Pregnant women produce HCG in mass quantities in order nourish their developing baby as well as themselves. Men and non-pregnant women also possess small amounts of HCG naturally in their bodies. Detroit Michigan HCG Doctors administer the HCG hormone via injection, creams, pellets, and oral drops with most people opting for the painless injection method.

Steps to Take Before Starting the HCG Diet

If you like what you’ve heard about the HCG Diet, use the Detroit HCG Doctors Locator® to find an HCG doctor in the Detroit metropolitan area who specializes in offering custom HCG Diet programs. Whether you need to lose five pounds or over 100 pounds, you can find success with this amazing diet plan. When you first meet with your HCG Doctor, he or she will conduct a medical exam and spend time discussing your past dieting history. The two of you decide together on your daily calorie goal as well as how long you want to remain on the active phase of the plan. Your HCG Diet Doctor supports you every step of the way.

A Personalized Approach is the Key to Success

People are often attracted to the HCG Diet in the city of Detroit because they know someone who has been on it and lost a great deal of weight. The rate of weight loss and the success at keeping it off long-term are just two factors that make the HCG diet different from any others. However, the main way this diet differs is medical supervision and a program that is tailored to your unique weight loss goals. From your HCG dosage to your calorie intake to the foods you eat, your doctor customizes the HCG Diet just for you. If it feels like you have tried every diet in the state of Michigan and still haven’t experienced true weight loss success, schedule an appointment to learn more about the HCG Diet.

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